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What mistake did Sue make that could potentially throw a wrench in her mortgage approval?

  1. Sue shouldn’t have made any new purchases until after their transaction closed.
  2. Sue shouldn’t have financed her purchase. She would have been better off paying cash.
  3. Sue should have been much more careful about the type of credit account she opened.
  4. All of the above are true. Sue made a big no-no!


    You’re correct! All of the above are true!
    A good rule of thumb is not to make any big purchases at all before your closing, unless you’ve checked with us first or are using extra cash that’s not needed for your transaction. And just say "no" to using credit or opening a new credit account. Doing so could drop your credit score. I’ve seen people make this mistake and drop their scores far enough that they have to cancel their purchase, and sometimes even lose their earnest money deposit.